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Ten years ago, you might have thought about an incidental round of golf in Cambodia while taking in the rich cultural attractions of ancient Khmer civilizations, but you wouldn’t have thought of booking a golf holiday there. Now that has all changed.

In recent years, Cambodia has truly come into its own among SE Asia golf holiday destinations. It has to do with the golfer demographic being the most sought after niche by tourism ministries in the free world. Not only do golfers tend on average to spend a little more and specify better than average accommodations, dining, and transportation, their demands for better than average everything stimulate private sector investment and raise the bar on a developing economy tourism product.

Cambodia commitment to golf tourism may also be due to their prime minister’s fondness for the game. He frequents his home course regularly enough to keep a 15 handicap intact and the priority his administration has given to golf development shows astute foresight with the dawning of ASEAN unification on the horizon.

Cross-border business and travel will become virtually seamless throughout SE Asia, and the kinds of executives and investors that will be setting up subsidiaries and branches typically include golf in their agendas. They also are prone to command a word of mouth sphere of influence, both digital and personal, that will stimulate golf vacation travel.

Cambodia foresight is evident in their concentration of golf development around two key destinations that are already on the radar of international travelers, Phnom Penh Golf Courses


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